The Vet Life Academy Level 1
This course has been approved for 10 hours of continuing education credit in jurisdictions that recognize RACE approval. Program ID: 20-867740 Provider ID:85-20416380
Everything you didn't learn in school but desperately need in order to navigate your veterinary career & life with ease.
The Vet Life Academy Experience is the only program of its kind that not only shows you how to manage veterinary-related anxiety and stress, but also how to create work-life balance and become empowered over your own life and career while supporting you every step of the way.
This Course Is For You If...
You're a veterinary professional just getting started in your career and feeling a little terrified about what comes next... or you're a seasoned veteran fed up with your emotions swinging wildly with the events of each day.
If you're tired of being mentally and physically exhausted and disengaged from the rest of your life...
If you're ready to take your life back, decrease your stress, and create work-life balance... and you're determined to make it happen... the Reboot Course is for you!
Whether You're
  • feeling burned out after years on the job, just trying to survive until you can retire, discouraged by how much personal sacrifice this job requires, and desperate to find a better way to live your life.
  • brand new and/or totally overwhelmed in your role, feeling the effects of Imposter Syndrome, spending time off worrying about cases and dreading going back to work, and pretty sure pursuing a veterinary career was the worst.decision.ever. but feeling stuck.
  • making it through, but no longer experiencing the fulfillment the job once brought you, dreaming about having the time to pursue other interests and hobbies but feeling discouraged because there never seems to be enough time and it's nearly impossible to leave work at work.
The Vet Life Academy Reboot Course gives you the knowledge, tools, and inspiration you need to get off the Vet Med emotional roller coaster and get re-engaged with your life. 
(Includes 10 hours RACE-CE)
Joyful DVM's 3-Factor Approach helps you Mastering your own Mental Health and Expand Your Personal Wellbeing, no matter what's happening at work or in the world.
The Empowered & Aligned You Is...
  • Courageously making decisions that are best for YOU
  • Creating a balanced life you love
  • Confidently believing in yourself, above all else
  • Emotionally strong and not at the effect of your surroundings
  • Not constantly freaking out about money
  • Enjoying your time off
  • More than just your job
  • No longer constantly worrying about being fired or getting sued
  • Energized by your work environment
  • Enjoying the opportunity to serve humans and treat animals
  • Knows WHO YOU ARE  and what you want for your life
  • Looking forward to the future
Thank You Cari. This is what I need so much. You're Awesome. I attend Vets4Vets support and I try to share Joyful DVM with everyone. Sometimes it is hard for me to listen to complaints / self berating- wishing they had tools.  I have hope because of your program. Thanks you so much. You walk the walk with us!
Dr. K
    learn how your brain works in relation to what you experience & the must-know concepts for emotional wellness
    learn what creates your overall emotional state and how energies of others influence culture and wellbeign
    learn how to create self-confidence, break the habit of self-judgement, and how to work with Imposter Syndrome
    learn how to confidently present treatment plans, interact with challenging clients/coworkers, and how to deal with unexpected patient deaths, board complaints and negative online or performance reviews
    learn about the self-trilogy, the intention-based creation method and an how to disempower fears associate with finances
    learn how and when to set boundaries the right way to guarantee they will never be violated, and learn about high value conversations including when they are the more appropriate choice than boundaries
    learn the must-have components of work-life balance and the contributors to work-life balance success
  • Course Q&A Forum: We'll support you all along the way!  You can submit your questions 24/7!
  • PDF Worksheets to help you practice, master and implement what you learn
  • Transcripts & audio versions of all lesson videos to suit your learning style
  • Dedicated Resource Portal with all of the program content, resources and events in one place
  • Mobile app so you can stay engaged on the go
  • 10 hours RACE-approved continuing education credit when you complete & pass the assessment. [The LEVEL 1 VET LIFE REBOOT COURSE associated with this program has been approved for 10 hours of continuing education credit in jurisdictions that recognize RACE approval. Program ID: 20-867740 Provider ID:85-20416380]
Think Stress Management, Work-Life Balance Creation, Personal Development, and Well-Being Expansion... on steroids.

Veterinary professionals are Smart Humans...

But, despite our extensive academic achievement, many of us experience poor quality of life, career regret, and a deep belief that what is possible for us in the future has been compromised by our decision to pursue a veterinary career.
Many of us suffer from relentless anxiety and stress, imposter syndrome, compassion fatigue, Sunday blues... this becomes our way of life. We become bitter, jaded and resentful.  We cope using things like food, alcohol, shopping, television, social media, and personal isolation.

We conclude pursuing a career in vet med was the worst. decision. ever.

Here's the good news: you have the power to fix this for yourself.

You are actually the only one who can.
Join us in the Vet Life Academy REBOOT COURSE and I'll how you how.
By the end of the REBOOT COURSE
you will have learned...
  • How to halt overwhelm in the moment, no matter what's going on
  • How to set boundaries the right way, so they're never violated again
  • How to top staying late at work catching up on records and callbacks, so you can engage in other areas of your life
  • How to release perfectionism and the need to control everything so you can relax and have more fun
  • How to confidently create and deliver treatment plans and estimates so you no longer dread those conversations
  • How to stop the looping thoughts about cases, clients and coworkers so you can leave work at work and be present in the rest of your life
  • How to stop living under a cloud of self-judgement and regret so you can begin focusing on and creating what you want for your future
  • How to release the negative energy you pick up during the day so it doesn't compromise your quality of life
  • How to get reacquainted with who you are, independent of your career, so you can prioritize what's most important to you on your terms
Enrollment includes Lifetime Content Access! 
Enrollment Options:
OPTION 1  $697: The full Reboot Course with Lifetime Access to the Course Content 

OPTION 2  $580: The full Reboot Course with Lifetime Access to Course Content for $230 (66% savings) + one full year of Joy Vet Alliance membership including all JVA events and resources for $350. (JVA Membership renews annually, and you may cancel any time).
Powerful Resources all students receive include: 
Nobody likes talking about money... 
But, navigating these conversations is a skill you can learn so these conversations can take part with less dread, and more ease.
In the Treatment Plan Presentation Strategy resource, I show you how to set the stage for this conversation from the moment you walk through the exam room door.
Not only will this strategy help you to practice great medicine and communicate effectively, it will also help you release the responsibility you might feel over a client's decision. 
Setting and maintaining boundaries is a critical for your wellbeing...
But, most of us do it totally wrong.
In this Boundaries Scripts resource, I provide word-by-word scripts that you can use to set boundaries the right way in the most commonly encountered situations. 
You'll also learn to use my Setting Boundaries Blueprint to create effective boundaries in any situation.
Do you want to ask for a raise or negotiate a schedule change but you're not sure how to ask?
Have you identified a problem within the workplace, but you're not sure how to discuss it with leadership?
Are you having a hard time interacting with a particular co-worker, but you're not sure how to approach a conversation to resolve the issue?
I walk you through the entire process for scheduling, preparing for and executing these often-dreaded conversations so you can communicate confidently! 
💖 Includes downloads to keep front and center as a loving reminder to make time to care for You.
💖 Simple optional activities to help you stay focused on what really matters & avoid drama distractions.
💖 Short messages from Cari you can replay throughout the week to keep your inspiration, motivation and energy high.
💖 Journal prompts on beautifully designed pdfs to help you connect & nurture the truth of who you are.
💖 A safe place to connect, not on Facebook™️, and only for JVA members.
💖 Expanding what's possible by learning about others' journeys.
Personalized Support:
4 Events Each Month with Replays if you can't make it live! 
🌟Theme-based classes presented live right inside the Resource Portal. Replay of all events are available for members.
🌟Submit your personal challenges, scenarios and questions in advance to receive live annonymous support on the call.
🌟Conversation and simple activities to help us release energetic blocks and move toward authentic alignment with ourselves.
🌟A second coaching session, masterclass, a workshop, a social hour, focus time, or something else to support you along the way!
What you can expect as a Joy Vet Alliance Member... 
  • LIVE Focus Topic Masterclasses (with replays) Every Month!
  • Live Coaching / Support calls (with replays) Every Month!
  • Mantras, Themes, Printables Every Month!
  • Self-Reflection Activities Every Week! 
  • Inspirational Audio Messages Every Week!
  • Self-Love Building Challenges Every Month!
  • Energy Shifting Sessions Every Month!
  • Featured Guest Videos & Resources from Vet Med Change-Makers
  • Workshops & Replays
  • New Mini-Courses free for members
  • Private Community (not on FB!)
  • Mobile App
  • Risk-Free, Cancel Any Time
Upcoming Live Masterclass Topics:
  • June: 
    Finding the Light and Shining Brightly in Times Of Darkness
 On-Demand Masterclass Replays:
  • May: 
    New Beginnings: Opportunities to Reimagine Your Life and Career in Seasons of Struggle.
  • April: 
    Building Self-Trust By Overcoming Shame
  • March: 
    Creating Your Own Luck: The Power of Affirmations
  • February: 
    Love the Life You're In On The Way to Where You're Going.
  • January: 
    Living with Intention in 2022
  • December: 
    Breaking Free from Fear-Based Decision Making
  • November: 
    The Impact of Personal Narrative on Self-Confidence & Career Success
  • September:
    The Significance of Personal Career Alignment
  • October: 
    The Value of Right-Brain thinking in a Left-Brain Profession
 On-Demand Featured Guests: 
  • Dr. Cindy Trice & Relief Rover: The Importance of the B2B Relationships as a relief provider.
  • Dr. Cari Wise: Online Business Basics & Behind The Scenes of Joyful DVM
Bonus Mini-Course:
  • Magic Mindset- Available Now!
On-Demand Workshop Replays:
  • Self-Healing Symposium Replay
  • Strategic Job Analysis Workshop
  • Happiness Rapid Reset Challenge Replay
Also Included:
  • Social Media Clean-Up Workshop
  • Recapture, Life Beyond Vet Med Workshop
  • Vet Med & Human Design Workshop
All JVA Members receive this Step-By-Step guide to navigating the JVA Resources and Events for maximum transformation and impact! 
Joy Vet Alliance Members Also Receive...
Quick-Start the Discover with this short, 1 hour course, designed to help you begin improving your emotional wellbeing immediately! 
Right-Brain activities, such as coloring, have been proven to decrease cortisol (stress hormone) and increase dopamine (feel good hormone)... so we made it easy! 
Our journey accelerates as we broaden our perspective. Cari shares her some over her favorites with JVA members!
Interested in saving trees? In this tutorial Cari shows you how to use one simple app for all of the pdf resources, including coloring! 
What More Real Students & Members Had To Say...
VLA has been a tremendous help to me learning to love Vet Med again! Finally!  Someone who could relate to EXACTLY what I was going through and had advice that was actually relevant to my situation.

Jen, DVM
It's all made a huge difference in reducing my anxiety levels around stressful situations, and helping me process things.

And it's also just fascinating to learn how my mind works!

Dr. I
Your advice and teachings have improved 200% my life at work and at home. 
Vet Life Academy has helped me deal with my staff, my difficult practice manager, and even my husband. 

Dr. L
I am certain that anyone in the veterinary profession is going to find something very valuable in this material that will improve their experience both in the workplace and in their entire lives.

Dr. Pamela
JOYFUL DVM: What, How, Who
Joyful DVM is a one-of-a-kind Personal Development Organization for Veterinary Professionals. We're different because we focus on helping you live your life!
Our vision: To change the belief that relentless stress, anxiety, depression, and high rate of suicide are inevitable consequences of VetMed careers, from one of passive acceptance to one of empowered right to create a different reality through choices and actions.
Our Progress: We've helped over 20,000 Veterinary Professionals since beginning in 2017.
Our Founder, Your Cheerleader: Dr. Cari Wise...
Dr. Cari Wise is the founder and CEO of Joyful DVM™️ LLC, and the instructor, coach, mentor, and primary cat wrangler in the Vet Life Academy REBOOT COURSE and JOY VET ALLIANCE Membership.
In addition to her veterinary degree, Cari has completed a Masters degree in Higher and Post-Secondary Education, a Certification in Life Coaching, and a Certification in Quantum Human Design™️.

Cari's veterinary experience includes practicing as an associate veterinarian in private and corporate practices; spay/neuter and shelter medicine; practice ownership, including practice creation from the ground up; relief work; industry, including Royal Canin and XPrep learning solutions; and education where she served as both Department Chair and National Program Director for multiple veterinary technician programs across the country.
Since founding Joyful DVM LLC in 2017 after conquering her own relentless anxiety and burn-out, Cari's primary focus has been supporting the personal wellbeing of all veterinary professionals through the programs and resources she has created at Joyful DVM.
Creating something different requires learning a whole new skillset.

You're more than capable, but are you willing?

> Are you done allowing the quality of your life to be dependent on things you can't control?

> Are you done passing the responsibility of your emotional well-being to other people?

> Are you fed-up, angry, and maybe even desperate for things to change?

> Are you determined to take back control of your life and career?


If you answered, YES!...
then You're Ready for The Vet Life Reboot Course!
More Vet Life Academy Success Stories...
As a veterinarian in small animal practice for 32 years, I have only gradually, and often painfully, learned the life-enhancing material that is very efficiently and skillfully presented in the Joyful DVM program. I am delighted that these psychological insights, self-help tools, and empowering mind-management skills are being offered  in such an accessible and relatable form-- specifically addressing the frustrations we all share, and geared towards the common  personality types and motivations that lead us into this challenging field. I am certain that anyone in the veterinary profession, regardless of age or experience level, is going to find something very valuable in this material that will improve their experience both in the workplace and in their entire lives.
Pamela, DVM .
-I'm not alone
-my feelings are normal
-I can control my thoughts
-I can control my reactions
Xoxo VLA!
VLA has provided me with real insight into how my mind works, and where my emotions come from, and even what my emotions are! Just having this awareness of my thoughts, emotions, and how I act on them has been incredibly helpful for me in dealing with difficult everyday situations. But there has also been a lot of power in realizing that I can choose to change things and be in charge of my thoughts and emotions, so that I'm not just at the mercy of what is happening around me. Sometimes I work on VLA material several hours a week and sometimes it's just a few minutes but it's all made a huge difference in reducing my anxiety levels around stressful situations, and helping me process things. And it's also just fascinating to learn how my mind works!
Isabella, DVM
I wanted to let you know that your advice and teachings have improved 200% my life at work and at home. I asked you a question about my tech that wasn't being efficient and was very frustrating to me. You said that I needed to coach her instead of being mad at her. In a nutshell it wasn't the answer I wanted to hear but it was the answer I needed. I took a deep breath and asked her what to do and when she didn't do it I sat with her and showed her how to do it. Turns out that she didn't know how to do it in the first place. She didn't remember that she was shown that a million times by my other staff. Sigh. I told her I was going to show her very patiently and she responded well to that. More than the anger and corrections. Figure that. Pretty common sense but I was getting stuck in my angry feelings instead of coaching her. I'm working daily to control the way I feel and how I act when presented a circumstance. It has helped me deal with my staff, my difficult practice manager, and even my husband.
Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you and what you're offering. I know it's a lot of work and a lot of time you invest weekly into Vet Life Academy.
Virtual hugs
Dr. L
VLA has been a tremendous help to me learning to love Vet Med again!  After over 2 decades in the profession, I put notice in at my toxic job and was strongly considering leaving Vet Med completely even though I couldn't imagine doing anything else.  I had left bad jobs before, but I never had considered leaving the profession until this point. Things were BAD!  Clients sense of entitlement, social media, imposter syndrome, and a bad work environment had me in a downward spiral.  I decided to take a month or so off to regroup before starting a new job.  During this time I wanted to find a therapist to specifically help me with my work issues, but past experiences had always left me frustrated because they never could truly relate to the type of situations we experience daily in our profession.  I ended up seeing an ad for Joyful DVM masterclass.  I had nothing to lose, so I listened.  I could not believe how much it spoke to me.  Finally!  Someone who could relate to EXACTLY what I was going through and had advice that was actually relevant to my situation.  I decided to join VLA, and it has been absolutely worth it.  I figured that the investment in the course was the money I would have otherwise spent on a therapist, and there is no way they could have given me the same insight as this course specifically for vet med.  With the live sessions, it's a lot more than just something that you can listen to.  There is also content to help you with other areas of your life.  The information has been invaluable and has completely changed the way I think about a lot of (previously) stressful situations at my new job.  It has allowed me to get back to practicing medicine with less stress and a better outlook than I have had in a long time. Thanks VLA!
Jen,  DVM
I have found, more generally, that the advice you give about me not being responsible for every outcome is the most game changing thing anyone has ever said to me.  To realize that I don't control what the client does with the information I give them, that my job is to give the best advice, but then the client decides, has helped me enormously.  I've been practicing for 15 years and I've hated being a vet all that time, I move jobs every year or so and could absolutely relate to what you were saying about this.  You have given me some hope that things need not stay awful, so thank you so much.
Dr. A 
I also want to let you know that joining VLA has been the best thing I have done all year- so transformative and helpful for now and years to come.
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