Think Stress Management. Personal Development, and Coaching & Support, on steroids.

Veterinary professionals are Smart Humans...

But, despite our extensive academic achievement, many of us have never had the opportunity to develop the knowledge and life-skills required to successfully navigate the challenges associated with a career and life that includes veterinary medicine.

The Result: Poor Quality Of Life, Career Regret, Limited Personal Potential

Out in the "real world" many of us suffer from relentless anxiety and stress. Imposter syndrome, compassion fatigue, Sunday blues... this becomes our way of life. We become bitter, jaded and resentful.  We cope using things like food, alcohol, shopping, television, social media, and personal isolation.

We conclude pursuing a career in vet med was the worst. decision. ever.

Here's the good news: you have the power to fix this for yourself.

You are actually the only one who can.

What Real Vet Life Academy Members Had To Say...
VLA has been a tremendous help to me learning to love Vet Med again! Finally!  Someone who could relate to EXACTLY what I was going through and had advice that was actually relevant to my situation.

Jen, DVM
It's all made a huge difference in reducing my anxiety levels around stressful situations, and helping me process things.

And it's also just fascinating to learn how my mind works!

Dr. I
Your advice and teachings have improved 200% my life at work and at home. Vet Life Academy has helped me deal with my staff, my difficult practice manager, and even my husband. 

Dr. L
I am certain that anyone in the veterinary profession is going to find something very valuable in this material that will improve their experience both in the workplace and in their entire lives.

Dr. Pamela
All you need is the right information, the right tools, and the right support system.

You already figured out how to be a veterinarian or veterinary technician...

Now it's time to figure out exactly who you are, what you want, and how to create an amazing future abundant with joy and personal wellbeing.

Vet Med wasn't the wrong choice... it was simply your first choice. What comes next, that's up to you.

Your unhappiness... that's just a symptom... it's just a signal that it's time to grow again.

There is only one you.
You were intentional.
You have a purpose.
You matter.

You can change your life. Vet Life Academy will show you how.

"I'll believe in you enough for both of us, until you can catch up." 
-Dr. Cari Wise
Veterinarian, Certified Life Coach, Founder of Joyful DVM LLC & Vet Life Academy 


For those who want to learn, and apply on their own without any interaction whatsoever. This option does not include any community or support. 
On-Demand Masterclasses
Insert Label Here

TWELVE On-Demand Masterclasses
and supporting resources:

1. Client Interactions
2. Unexpected Patient Death
3. Board Complaints
4. Imposter Syndrome
5. Self-Confidence
6. Negativity
7. Making Decisions
8. Time
9. Money- Part 1
10. Relationships
11. Reconciling The Past
12. Creating The Future
For those who want a quick, multi-level REBOOT with the opportunity to check out the community & support before making a full committment. 
Insert Label Here
8-Week Interactive Course & Live Support
Insert Label Here
SIX, Weekly Modules &Supporting Materials, EIGHT Live Calls
Module 1: Mind Management
Module 2: Personal Efficiency
Module 3: Self-Confidence
Module 4: Boundaries
Module 5:  Future Focus
Module 6: Work-Life Balance
SUPPORT: Eight weeks of live
support calls and feedback
BONUS: Reboot Course Community
On-Demand Replays
Insert Label Here
Setting Boundaries Workshop
Anxiety Management Workshop
Creating Confidence Workshop
For those who are ready to go all-in on their personal development journey. This option includes ALL the DIY & HYBRID content, plus on-going community and support!
Insert Label Here
Content & Features
Insert Label Here
Complete Mindset Management Foundations Course including 12 Modules & Workbooks
Weekly Live Group Coaching / Support  Calls
Call Replays Included!
Weekly Group Q&A / Instruction Calls
Call Replays Included!
Four- 2021 Workshops for FREE
Planned Topics Include: (dates TBD)
> Discovering Your Purpose - replay now available
> Vet Med & Human Design
> Online Business Basics

2021 Monthly Masterclasses
and Supporting Resources

Planned Topics Include:

The Impact of Negative Social Media & Online Business Reviews  - now available

Practical & Sanity-Saving Medical Record Management- now available

Presenting Treatment Plans-now available

Money Mindset- now available

Firing Clients- May 2021

Managing Problem Employees & Co-workers- June 2021

Boutique Practice Opportunities - July 2021


BONUS: Brand New  

Vet Life Academy Exclusive Community

Jobs Forum: post jobs, find jobs

Role-Specific Forums
Vets, Vet-Techs, Managers, etc

BONUS: 2021 Intentional Happiness Program

> Kickoff Workshop Replay & Workbook
> Quarterly Group Progress Calls
> IHP Exclusive Community
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A Look Inside Vet Life Academy
Listen, Learn, Engage where and when it works for you! 
Vet Med bullies, judgement and shaming... that's a no-go here. 
There's no 'behind' in VLA! Lifetime Access makes  it possible!
Future You Is...
  • Empowered to make decisions that are best for YOU
  • Creating a balanced life you love
  • Confidently believing in yourself, above all else
  • Emotionally strong and not at the effect of your surroundings
  • Not constantly freaked out about money
  • Enjoying your time off
  • More than just your job
  • No longer constantly worrying about being fired or getting sued
  • Energized by your work environment
  • Enjoying the opportunity to serve humans and treat animals
  • Knows WHO YOU ARE  and what you want for your life
  • Looking forward to the future
Creating something different requires learning a whole new skillset.

You're more than capable, but are you willing?

> Are you done allowing the quality of your life to be dependent on things you can't control?

> Are you done passing the responsibility of your emotional well-being to other people?

> Are you fed-up, angry, and maybe even desperate for things to change?

If you answered, YES!... then You're Ready!
Is Vet Life Academy just for Vets?
Nope! Its for the entire veterinary healthcare team. We have veterinarians, veterinary technicians, practice managers, and even vet students in VLA!
When are the live calls held?
Days and times vary, and we release a calendar with specific dates and times at the beginning of each month for those whose enrollment option includes live events.
What if I can't make the live calls?
No Problem! With members from all over the world, we know getting everyone in the same place at the same time probably isn't going to happen. 

Here's how we tackle this challenge:.

1. If you can't make it live, you can submit questions & scenarios for feedback in advance in a designated area inside the Resource Portal. Your submission will receive feedback, just life if you were there in real time. 

2. Every live call and event gets recorded and the replay posted in the Resource Portal for you to watch/listen to at your convenience.
How does the Community work?
In 2021 we moved our Resource Portal to a new platform which includes the ability to host forums and communities. You'll have access to the forums/communities associated with your enrollment choice and can access those any time, right from the app or any computer. 

This means NO MORE depending on Facebook for community!
Can I share my access with coworkers or employees?
Please don't, these programs are designed for individual use only. For information regarding resources for groups, please email [email protected]
What's the price?
This depends on the enrollment option you choose: DIY, HYBRID or FULL SUPPORT.  Complete the request form above to see the current pricing.
What are the payment options?
You can pay by Paypal or Credit card. 
There are also options to split the investment into multiple payments... all those details are on the price page which you can access by submitting the request above.
How long does my access last?

We're breaking all the rules of a traditional membership and granting Lifetime Content Access.

For DIY  this means you have indefinite access to the masterclasses and resources you purchase.

For HYBRID this means you have indefinite access to the DIY content, plus the Reboot Content and the Workshop Bundle... and Eight Weeks of access to the Live components.

For FULL SUPPORT this means you have indefinite access to all of it, including the Live components.  

And, if Vet Life Academy would ever be discontinued in teh future, you'll receve plenty of notice so you can download everthign to keep on yoru own devices forever!

Can I upgrade my enrollment down the road?

Sure thing! Email [email protected] and we'll help you do that when you're ready.

What about CE Credits?

We're working on that!

As different components become approved, we'll let members know so they can take advantage of the benefit at no additional cost. 

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