How to Be Happy
in Vet Med
Even when clients are cranky, schedules are chaotic, 
& you struggle to leave work at work.
This is a replay of one of the best sessions from my recent webinar series!
Veterinarians who struggle with anxiety, balance, purpose, and career regret
Vet Techs who feel overworked, under-paid and unappreciated
Practice Managers who are working with poor team morale and staff shortages
Owners who wonder why the heck they thought ownig a practice was a good idea
What you’re going to learn
  • 5 VETMED HAPPINESS BLOCKERS, and what you can do about them
  • The SINGLE BIGGEST MISTAKE suffering Vet Med Professionals have in common
  • The SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT SKILL that changes everything (and how to implement it right away)
Dr. Cari Wise
Certified Life Coach
Founder, Joyful DVM LLC
This webinar is specifically for you if...

β†’ you want a future that's different than your current life

β†’ you want to stop dreading your work days

β†’ you want more time for the people and activities that are most important to you

β†’ you want to figure out how to say NO without believing you've let someone down

β†’ you want to stop beating yourself up and worrying so much

β†’ you want to stop feeling guilty about your debt

β†’ you want to know if a VetMed career and a happy life could coexist

β†’ you want to figure out how to be in control of your own destiny
Worth your time? See for yourself...

"Thank you so much for all your guidance today! This is exactly what veterinary community needs!"

"Thank you! This was incredibly valuable!"

"Everything you just said is very comforting. Thank you so much! β™₯️"

"It is so good to know other people feel so similar to me."

"Fantastic webinar. Thank you!"

"You made me feel so much better."

"Watched it, it's great. Techs should watch it too."

"Thank you! Very insightful."

"Thank you so much! Super glad to have 'met' you and be involved with this!"

"At the beginning today I was at 3, but this gives me some hope."

"I am feeling hope too. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!"